Services provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice

Services provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice manages one of the basic facilities in the country, which is the justice affairs facility, which works to prepare all avenues for judges to perform their lofty mission to the fullest and facilitate service for all parties to the litigation process from multiple axes, under the rules of equality, impartiality and transparency. A citizen takes care of himself and his money, and social peace prevails throughout the country

In order to improve the service provided to citizens, the Ministry has provided electronic real estate registration services

* To find out about an application service, I want to make a power of attorney

Link: Learn about application services I want to make a power of attorney

* The mobile documentation vehicle is equipped with the latest equipment and technical systems and is equipped to serve people with special needs and the elderly in order to perform all documentation services for citizens with ease and efficiency with the required efficiency

Link: Mobile Documentation Vehicle

Five distinct branches were opened:

  • City Stars Tawtheeq Branch
  • Mall of Arabia Tawtheeq Branch
  • Beverly Hills Tawtheeq Branch
  • Tivoli Dome Tawtheeq Branch in Alexandria
  • Al Safwa Club Tawtheeq Branch on the 10th of Ramadan) Power of attorney.

Link: Featured Documentation Branches

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