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Company Brief

Omar Effendi subsidiary of the Holding Company for Construction and Development of the Ministry of Public Business Sector.

The company is one of the biggest and oldest companies, it started its activity since 1856 as the first giant department store in the Middle east.

Over few years and through the good investment of available possibilities, self-financing and development system, the company"s branches, warehouses and administration were improved through computerization, rationalization of expenses to reduce debts and increase profitability. The company also supported economic and social projects by providing an opportunity for fresh graduates and small enterprises to sell their products through an agreement with the Social Fund for Development.

The company became one of the largest commercial chains in the Middle East through its 82 branches all over Egypt, which are considered the basis of domestic trade In Egypt.Omar Effendi is the oldest department store in Egypt established in 1856 under the name of "Orosdi Back".

The company was  nationalized  in 1957 

  • In 1967, the company was established according to the Presidential Decree No.544 of year 1967
  • In 2006, the company has been privatized and 90% of which had been purchased by Anwal United Trading Company Limited of Saudi Arabi.
  • In 2011, the Court issued its judgment, case no 11492 year 65 on 7/5/2011, and the company was handed back to the State.